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"The winter of 2002/03 in our home town of Orillia, Ontario, Canada consisted of Christmas 2002, Linda's 50th Birthday on February 27, 2003, and of course what would a winter be without "snow". And I mean, a lot of "snow", and a lot of very cold arctic temperatures.

This winter provided us with a lot of snow, with it snowing almost every day and nite from December 2002, right through to March 2003, with very cold temperatures dipping down to -25C, with a wind chill effect feeling like -50C.

Quite a few past snow fall records were beaten this winter with our new record snow falls.

"Our Christmas tree was a 7 1/2 foot blue spruce, which towers over both Linda and Hal."

"Our decorated Christmas tree"

"The presents under the tree waiting to be opened on Christmas morning."

"Linda's 50th Unicorn Birthday cake."

"Linda opening her birthday presents, and receiving a beautiful unicorn porcelin piece"

"Linda's co-worker and good friend Marianne and her husband Rob came to her party."

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