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My Mom's Family
"The McCauley---Potter Family"
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"My Grandparents Family"

My Grandmother and Grandfather Potter had three children. Mildred Ina Potter(my Mom), Dorothy Ada Potter(my Aunt Sue),and Fletcher Arnold Potter Jr.(my Uncle Bud)

Mildred Ina Potter's Family

My Mom...Mildred Ina Potter

~ July 18, 1922 to February 23, 1993 ~

Mildred Ina Potter ~ July 18, 1922 to February 23, 1993

Married...Harold Arthur Witt...August 7, 1915 to January 26, 2003

Married June 21, 1947

Harold and Mildred Witt (Nee Potter) had two sons.

Harold (Hal) Arthur Witt Jr...born...January 28, 1949

John (Jack) Ryan Witt...born...December 14, 1950

Hal Witt's Family

Hal married Linda Joyce Sturman...May 4, 2002

Hal & Linda Witt's Family

Linda's daughter B.J.,Son-in-Law Donovan,

and her four Grandchildren (Haleigh, Jesse, Sydney, and Jared)

Linda's Son Chris

Hal Witt has one daughter

Lesley Ann Witt...born...December 4, 1981

Jack Witt's Family

Jack married Linda Moriarity...December 4, 1998

Jack Witt has three daughters.

Jennifer Witt...born...February 26, 1978

Married Rick Beauregard on September 11, 1999

Amanda Witt...born...April 12, 1979

Sherryl Witt...born...June 18, 1982

Jack Witt has one Granddaughter

Larissa Alison Witt...born...June 7, 1999...(Mother Sherryl)

(pictures to follow when available)

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