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My Mom's Family
"The McCauley---Potter Family"
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"Uncle Ira and Aunt Vera's Family"

"The McCauley Family"

Uncle Ira James McCauley... ~May 3, 1900 to February 5, 1980

Aunt Eliza Vera McCauley (Nee Dean)... ~August 18, 1901 to March 28, 1983

Married on June 5, 1923

(My Grandmother Ina Jane Potter's only Brother and Sibling)

My Uncle Ira and Aunt Vera had three sons. Wilfred James McCauley, Walter Ira McCauley, and Edward Norman McCauley.

Wilfred James McCauley Family

Wilfred James McCauley ~June 28, 1924~

Wife..Wilma Margaret McCauley (Nee Caley)

Married July 10, 1948

Wilfred and Wilma McCauley had two daughters.

Maureen Francis McCauley...born...January 9, 1950

Colleen Margaret McCauley...born July 5, 1953

Colleen married to Albert MacWilliams...June 22, 1996

(pictures to follow when available)

Walter Ira McCauley Family

Walter Ira McCauley ~May 10, 1926~

Wife..Geraldine McCauley (Nee Malcolm)

Married August 2, 1951

Walter and Gerrie McCauley had one daughter and one son

Deborah Lynn McCauley...born...October 11, 1954

Ronald Walter McCauley...born...October 6, 1958

(pictures to follow when available)

Edward Norman McCauley Family

Edward Norman McCauley ~June 19, 1933 to September 12, 1985~

Wife..Joan Monica McCauley (Nee Corbeil)

Married July 14, 1956

Eddie and Joan had no children

(pictures to follow when available)

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